Consult & Educate

This is an overview of our web design and development process. This section will give you a good understanding of the whole process from start to finish and answer the most common questions about website projects.

Identify Goals

What are your objectives?

Identify metrics for your website’s success.

Examples: Average daily revenue, average order amount per customer, number of user registrations per week, number of leads collected per month.

Project Planning

A site map is created as a visual representation of the sections/pages of your website and their hierarchy.


Upon approval of the site map, we move on to design. This phase consists of providing plans for each unique layout of the website and incorporating your brand.


After designs are approved, our developers match them up with the sitemap and start building the website.


After the site is built, we populate it with your content. If you have an existing website we can migrate the content for you or train your staff on the content management system.


Websites are thoroughly tested for functionality, browser consistency, performance, scalability, and accessibility.


We provide a training session and documentation prior to launching your website.


We coordinate with you for a smooth website launch. If you have an existing website, we take backups of the original site for you then take measures to minimize downtime.


After your website goes live, we provide long term support so you continue to get the most out of your website.


We provide regular maintenance services to keep your website secure and conforming to new regulations.