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Web application framework that makes backend development a breeze. Bloat-free solutions for single page apps to fully custom CRM and order management systems.

What can Laravel do for me?


Progressive Javascript framework. Works great with Laravel and on its own. Excellent for embedding into existing websites, standalone web app, or a full website (like this one).

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Featured Projects

Custom Glove Builder

44 Professional Gloves

With 10 fully customizable glove products, up to 40 personalization zones per product, and more than 30 different colors and materials, the 44 Professional Glove builder offers nearly infinite possible combinations for a truly unique glove. Using React and a custom Drupal backend to manage all the options, we built an industry leading responsive glove preview tool. Users can customize their gloves in real-time with an instant preview of the finished product. Customization details are saved to each order making the whole ordering and fulfillment processs as streamlined as possible.

Product & Font Previews

A Custom Cut

When offering personalized products, seeing the finished product before ordering makes all the difference in getting the sale when many vendors offer similar products. A Custom Cut offers over 30 different products in dozens of fonts, materials, finishes, and sizes. The app also accurately calculates the height and width based on the font and text selection, allowing users to select the right size sign for their space. We used React for the user interface and customization options and a custom API to post orders to a Drupal backend for payment processing and fulfillment.

Custom Banner Previews + Etsy Cart Integration

Custom Paper Props

Custom Paper Props is a top 1% seller on Etsy. Their primary product are personalized banner strung with twine. Featuring 5 different fonts, dozens of glitter and matte colors, and 3 different sizes, customers can see their custom banners with their own text before ordering. By minimizing pre-sale questions, they’re able to focus on getting orders out in less than a business day. Using React and Etsy’s API, customized banner orders are sent directly to Etsy for users to complete checkout.

Ideas for Your Custom Web App

Product Customizers

  • Custom product visualization tools
  • Instant price calculations
  • Product fulfillment

Task Automation

  • Save time doing repetitive tasks
  • Less chance for errors
  • Get approval from authorized personnel
  • Order fulfilment tools

Scalable CMS Solutions

  • Content management tools for beginners and experts
  • Custom fields
  • Granular roles and permissions
  • CMS platform migrations


  • Online multimedia training materials
  • Sell training programs and certifications
  • Online testing
  • Subscription services

Third Party Integration

  • Integrate with your favorite web services
  • Custom data processsing
  • Create an API for your web services
  • Order fulfilment tools

Private Company Portals

  • Access company materials in a secure online environment
  • Role based access and permisssions
  • Streamline internal business processes
  • Access for employees and vendors (intranet/extranet)

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