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A well optimized website should provide a pleasant responsive experience for individual users while supporting many users on your website at once.

If you’re experiencing slow page loads, pages not loading, broken links, or server crashes, talk us about how we can improve your website’s performance.


Measure current site performance metrics such as page load time, file sizes, requests, database queries, and server response time so we have a benchmark before starting. We use a combination of built-in browser tools and third party websites to take these measurements. Analyze your existing website’s configuration including platform, plugins, hosting.

Why is my website slow?


Every website is unique so we use diagnostics and consider your business objectives to present a plan to improve your website performance. You’ll receive a detailed proposal with cost and timeline estimates. Where applicable the scope of work may be broken down into several phases so you can decide what fits your timeline and budget.

What’s the plan?


With our in-house team of developers, we work together to execute the approved plan. Your current website will be backed up and a development copy will made to perform the updates. There will be no interruption to your website while work is being done. Metrics will be taken throughout development to demonstrate progress and improvements made. The approved work will be deployed back to your server for your visitors to enjoy.

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Website Performance Optimization Services


  • Page speed testing
  • Load testing
  • Identify slow databse queries
  • Review error logs
  • Code review
  • Broken link discovery


  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Minify/combine CSS/JS files
  • Minify image/video sizes
  • Reduce file sizes
  • Pre-fetching
  • Pre-rendering


  • Hosting service migration
  • Hosting configuration
  • Platform migration
  • Content delivery network (CDN) setup
  • Gzip compresssion
  • Load balancing

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